UNI KILO BYTE network helps to develop a completely personalized business based on an easy to manage Poker room that can be configured and dealt with autonomously. For those who are interested in the online Poker business, we offer a complete solution including directly developed software holding a license for international gaming.
We offer personalized software for graphics on the Poker room, player assistance, a game server and security antifraud system. We arrange payments and proceeds, web design and maintenance; we basically offer a wide range of concepts to make Poker room management possible. Our solution offers the possibility to enter into a truly remarkable business which is growing from year to year and its potential is increasing in a breathtaking way. Thanks to the quality of our structure we are certain to always be a step ahead of the competition and this will be revealed in time; it is this element which will allow this initiative to be successful.

Poker's Business

Given the world-wide spread popularity that Poker online is gaining, a new game network is about to be launched in the market exclusively dedicated to Poker and to all its variants, www.105poker.com. We are implementing the most prestigious technologies available today and in the future in order to create one of the most advanced structures available on the web. By taking all the best aspects from the existing Poker rooms, we want to be able to extend and to perfect them to the highest level thanks to the direct development of the software, the license and the management of every aspect of this type of activity.


Poker GOLD solution

GOLD association is the most advanced proposal introduced by UNI KILO BYTE and count the opening of an high customized Poker room, from play table logos .
This proposal is dedicated to whom want to obtain a full management of all functionality of this business. For example, it is possible to configure the bonuses following their own marketing strategies; direct contact to customers; creation of customized tournaments, webmaster dedicated sections and many other functions and technique features (always at the maximum levels). Becoming member of the GOLD association allows you to take all the advantages of the direct management of a Poker room without spending a lot of money so as to get, manage and keep an international license. Earnings achievable by this kind of association are absolutely higher than any other affiliation.



Poker SILVER solution

The SILVER solution is the first module to enter in the world of online Poker and it's created to test this business crossing the usual expensives, the earnings are lower compared with the GOLD version.

The SILVER solution allow you to have a great freedom and gives to you all the controls needed for an autonomy management for a perfect Poker room
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