Corporate web-based solutions

Different web solutions for business activities: document storages (corporate data), document flow, , data source integration. Corporate blogs, forums, scheduling software (meeting room and human resources booking) and other types of solutions for corporate communication.

Corporate software is no more desktop-oriented! Today, a typical web application meets all the requirements of corporate software like geographic distribution of users, security, support of big number of users, hardware scalability, clusterization and low latency time, etc.
Our understanding of the needs of business and up-to-date web orientation brings essential advantages to our customers:

  • rich experience in creation of workflow software and deep understanding of documents flow processes

  • experience in automation of business processes, completed by long-running research and huge knowledge base

  • experience in developing convenient widgets and plugins (for example browser toolbars)
    long-term general experience in developing e-business, b2b, MLM and sales automation software

  • experience in creating database with flexible structure that allows storing heterogeneous data and data with flexible internal structure

  • creation of web applications with RIA

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