UNI KILO BYTE (UKB) sportsbook

UNI KILO BYTE (UKB) sportsbook solutions are top of the line with a completely customizable design, reliability and scalability. UNI KILO BYTE (UKB) Sportsbook Solutions provides your sportsbook players with the ability to access sports betting lines, review their account activity, or even place online bets in real-time through two simple options, a 24/7 Call Center or an easy to access online sportsbook account that can make players feel more comfortable when they can control the sportsbook betting themselves. UNI KILO BYTE (UKB Sportsbook) provides a fully flexible sportsbook software system that supports all the major sportsbook options offering your sports betting clients the most popular sports betting options. Our licensees can manage and maintain all online sportsbook odds or should you choose to have us do all the work, UKB (UNIKILOBYTE ) will provide and manage all sports betting odds by offering you the same sportbook lines that are used by the leading sportsbooks in EUROPE.

The Professional UNI KILO BYTE (UKB) design team can deliver customizable online sportsbook websites and online sportsbook software as far as logos, graphics and design, content, and website set-up. We add powerful reporting tools in the back-office to cover every angle of your online sportsbook operation, making it easy to manage all sides of your daily online sportsbook operations. Quick, simple and secure financial banking transactions are at the heart of any internet gaming business. UKB (UNI KILO BYTE) incorporates the latest security and encryption technology to establish secure links between you and your online sportsbook clients. Detailed daily online sportsbook reports that cover every facet of your online sportsbook operation are available in a matter of a few seconds.  Our sportsbook specialized team can provide custom reports to give you specific information should you require more than the average book.

*Set-up must be in an area where online gaming is legal. UKB (UNI KILO BYTE) will help you determine the areas of legalized gaming.

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